Join us for a very special… Evening with Niamh Hyland on March 30

Niamh Hyland

Join us at the cell theatre on March 30 for a very special evening: An Evening With Niamh Hyland.

Niamh has the voice and the stage presence to hold every audience in her hand. She has the indefinable “It” — something so special, and so very rare. The opportunity to see her perform live is indeed an incredible experience — and one that will leave you feeling better about…well, everything.

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Niamh toured globally as the lead singer of the original rock band Lily Sparks. Her notable band and solo performances include The Ourland Festival at Lincoln Center, Wheelan’s in Dublin, Webster Hall and the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. One of her recent performances was at the BMCC Tribeca in Charles R. Hale’s “Musical History of the Lower East Side.”

Niamh’s love of the arts and her desire to help others find and reach their potential motivated her to co-found Artists Without Walls with Charles R. Hale. Recently, Niamh was invited to speak at TedxStormont in Belfast, Ireland, her topic: “Resurrecting Your Dreams”

This will be the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see Niamh’s debut in a full length, full concert performance in New York City. She will be performing with pianist Ado Coker, guitarist Shu Nakamura, and other spectacular musicians. The performance will take place at The Cell, which is located at 338 West 23rd Street in Manhattan.

Niamh Hyland in concert at the cell theatre. Charles R Hale Productions Spring / Summer 2017 Season. Tickets now on sale.

The doors and the bar open at 6:45. Ms. Hyland will take that stage at 7:30.

Niamh Hyland is the first performer in the Charles R. Hale Productions season of New Yorkers: Together in Story and Song.

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Series Concert Dates:

  • March 30: Niamh Hyland/Ireland
  • April 20: Miho Hazama/Japan and JP Jofree/Argentina
  • May 18: Harriet Stubbs/England
  • July 20: Yuri Juarez/Peru and his AfroPeruvian Band
  • August 23: Annette Homann/Germany, Alexander Wu/China and Yuri Juarez/Peru
  • September: To be announced

Images from “New Yorkers: Together in Story and Song” Feb. 28, 2017

Charles R. Hale Productions kicked off the 2017 Spring / Summer Concert Series, “New Yorkers: Together in Story and Song” on a strong note with every single set on February 28, 2017, at the cell theatre in Manhattan. Photography by Mitch Traphagen.

The next show will be an evening with Niamh Hyland on March 30. It will be a show to not miss — stay tuned for ticket information.

Charles R Hale Productions Spring / Summer 2017 Season Opening at the cell theatre in Manhattan. February 28, 2017. Featuring Charles R. Hale, singer / songwriter Niamh Hyland, guitarist Yuri Juárez and his AfroPeruvian band, and pianist Harriet Stubbs.

Yuri Juárez

Renato Diz

Hector Morales

Alvaro Benevides

Shirazette Tinnin

Sofia Toserlo (with little Octavio)

Niamh Hyland

Ado Coker

Shu Nakamura

Harriet Stubbs

Harriet Stubbs

Shu Nakamura, Niamh Hyland, Ado Coker

Charles R. Hale entering the cell for the opening show of his inaugural season: “New Yorkers: Together in Story and Song.”

Charles R. Hale Productions

From New York City: A Shining Mosaic, a Charles R. Hale Production at Pier A Harbor House in Manhattan

2017 Spring / Summer Season Tickets (six shows) “New Yorkers: Together in Story and Song” are on sale at the Cell Theatre.

New York City has always been a melting pot and the home for aspiring artists. The arts, particularly music, have also been a melting pot, a cultural melting pot of antiquity, an integral component of human civilization that has been shared between cultures for the millennia.

Charles R. Hale Productions will provide the opportunity for artists to perform, to represent cultures, and to reflect on our lives and times. Our support of the arts is the strength that will carry us through troubled times and help to unite the world. To this end Charles R. Hale Productions is designed to promote today’s emerging artists and to give them more than just a single stage. I want to help them to realize their full potential as musicians so they can write their pages in this city’s long history of creating art.

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Featured performers for the 2017 Spring / Summer season opening fundraiser at the cell Feb. 28:

Past shows from Charles R. Hale Productions:

“Jazz in the City” — A Charles R. Hale Production.

Niamh Hyland in “A Musical History of the Lower East Side” at BMCC Tribeca. A Charles R. Hale Production.

From New York City: A Shining Mosaic at Pier A Harbor House. A Charles R. Hale Production.

From New York City: A Shining Mosaic at Pier A Harbor House. A Charles R. Hale Production.

From New York City: A Shining Mosaic at Pier A Harbor House. A Charles R. Hale Production.

Filmmaker, Writer, Artist

Films, written word, history from Charles R. Hale

Charles R. Hale

Charles R. Hale has dedicated much of his life over the past several years to helping artists and to promote the arts in New York City.

He is also an artist in his own right, creating through short films, articles, and storytelling, along with bringing history to life.

His most recent project is a touching, emotional short film, “A Moment” starring actress Renata Hinrichs and filmed in Manhattan.


The script called for a purple and orange sunset. A long day of filming of “A Moment” ended with exactly that. Over the Hudson River with Actress Renata Hinrichs.

Behind the scenes from the filming of “A Moment”


Artists Without Walls

Charles R. Hale is the cofounder (with Niamh J. Hyland) of Artists Without Walls: an organization dedicated to nurturing artists and the arts in New York City and beyond.

Artists Without Walls (AWoW) is an organization purposed to inspire, uplift and unite people and communities of diverse cultures through the pursuit of artistic achievement. Through our events and online presence, we aim to inspire, uplift and unite by:

Building a multicultural community that springs from “creative chemistry”:
Enable the exchange of ideas, methods, and creative concepts by connecting people of various cultures and communities who can learn from each other and collaborate to create something new.
Fostering learning and education:
Introduce multiple art forms and cultural influences to student groups
Design and host experiential learning platforms and workshops
Cultivate young, promising talent through an internship program
Cultivating artistic talent:
Create a safe and supporting environment for sharing and experimentation of various art-forms
Provide paid performance opportunities for emerging artists
Promote the work of our members online and help to publicize their events
Foster mentorship across our creative community

Co-founders Charles R. Hale and Niamh Hyland with the cast of a recent Artists Without Walls Showcase at the Cell Theatre in Manhattan.

AWoW is built on the core idea that the more contact we have with each other in a nurturing and collegial environment, the more collaborative the spirit and the greater the sharing of ideas.

Our growing multicultural community includes singers, dancers, painters, writers, oral historians, poets, and cultural enthusiasts. We are based in New York City with an aim to expand our reach into other cultural centers around the world.

For more information visits Artists Without Walls.