Charles R. Hale Bio

From the time I was a young boy growing up in New York, I was fascinated by the connection between music, imagery and history.  Pure and simple…that’s my focus.

“Breathing of an ancestor’s space and time,” is a phrase I often use when describing my passion. Accordingly, my objective is to create historical “New York experiences,” not only for New Yorkers, but for all its visitors as well. What was it like growing up in nineteenth and twentieth century New York? What was it like for our parents and grandparents who grew up and experienced the city through two wars? What was it like for our ancestors, who arrived at the docks of New York, hungry, exhausted and dressed in rags?

I am a cultural and musical historian by education, but I focus on blending, imagery and performance art to create uniquely New York experiences. My historically-themed shows, including “Crossing Boroughs,” which was recently performed at the Museum of the City of New York,  “The Musical History of the Lower East Side,” and “New York City: A Shining Mosaic” incorporate story, music, imagery and dance.  

Currently, I am performing “Jazz and the City” on the New York scene, which features narration and David Raleigh’s jazz quartet in a musical tribute that transports the audience back in time through personal recollections, anecdotes and stories of the artists and musical geniuses who created the great American Songbook and made New York City the jazz capitol of the world. 

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