Just returned from seeing the Tony awarding winning (Best Direction) and highly touted Broadway production, “Come From Away.” I thought it might have been one of the worst, if not the worst, Broadway show I have ever seen…and it was very expensive.
I’m reading reviews saying there won’t be a dry eye in the theatre and I’m wondering if we were watching the same show. (Truth be told, I didn’t have a dry eye realizing I’ll never get back the two hours I wasted or the money I poured down the drain.) I had no interest in a single character, it completely minimized 9/11, the jokes were sophomoric, including a dopey knock-knock joke and gay jokes that were beyond embarrassing–when was the last time you heard someone say of another “He’s my sexretary”? Huh!
Watching the show I thought of high school productions I’d been to over the years. There were a couple of talented singers but that was about it. The New York Times’ reviewer Ben Brantley wrote, “…sounds like a show most New Yorkers would run a city mile to avoid. I mean, come on guys, a feel good 9/11 musical created by a husband and wife team….”
Yes, in my opinion, New Yorkers and all others should run a mile to avoid this show.

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