Three years ago David and I met and immediately realized we had a shared interest in New York history, our quite divergent family histories and music. It turns out that our families lived very close to each other in Queens and, unbeknownst to us, we grew up only a few blocks apart. Having put on several smaller versions of “New York: A Musical Memoir,” we recently presented the first full-length version of this musical memoir in progress.  Our stories take us through our early love of music, a family Christmas, our relationships with our fathers, discovery of girls, epiphanies and reflections on the struggles of our ancestors.

A special thanks to Renata Hinrichs for introducing David and me and for her role as narrator and my fourteen-year old dream girl “Denise.”

“I’m in love with you, Denise, scooby-doo
Denise, Denise, oh, with your eyes so blue
Denise, Denise, I’ve got a crush on you.”


And thanks to Vera Maura for the photos. 


Charles and David performing Jacques Brel’s “Sons Of”

David S. Goldman and Charles R. Hale

Charles R. Hale, David S. Goldman and Renata Hinrichs after the show.

David S. Goldman and Charles R. Hale

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