Charles R. Hale is the cofounder (with Niamh J. Hyland) of Artists Without Walls: an organization dedicated to nurturing artists and the arts in New York City and beyond.

Artists Without Walls (AWoW) is an organization purposed to inspire, uplift and unite people and communities of diverse cultures through the pursuit of artistic achievement. Through our events and online presence, we aim to inspire, uplift and unite by:

  • Building a multicultural community that springs from “creative chemistry”:
  • Enable the exchange of ideas, methods, and creative concepts by connecting people of various cultures and communities who can learn from each other and collaborate to create something new.
  • Fostering learning and education:
  • Introducing multiple art forms and cultural influences to student groups
  • Designing and host experiential learning platforms and workshops
  • Cultivating young, promising talent through an internship program
  • Creating a safe and supporting environment for sharing and experimentation of various art-forms
  • Providing paid performance opportunities for emerging artists
  • Promoting the work of our members online and help to publicize their events
  • Fostering mentorship across our creative community

Co-founders Charles R. Hale and Niamh Hyland with the cast of a recent Artists Without Walls Showcase at the Cell Theatre in Manhattan.

Artists Without Walls is built on the core idea that the more contact we have with each other in a nurturing and collegial environment, the more collaborative the spirit and the greater the sharing of ideas.

Our growing multicultural community includes singers, dancers, painters, writers, oral historians, poets, and cultural enthusiasts. We are based in New York City with an aim to expand our reach into other cultural centers around the world.

For more information visits Artists Without Walls.