2017 Spring / Summer Season “New Yorkers: Together in Story and Song.”

After a wonderful and successful season opener at the cell theatre on Feb. 28, join me as the new season officially kicks off with a debut concert performance from the incomparable Niamh Hyland on March 30. This is the first of the six concert series called “New Yorkers: Together in Story and Song.”  Click here for a letter of invitation.


A short clip from the Feb. 28 opener:

Harriett Stubbs performing at Carnegie Hall

Niamh Hyland singing “Autumn Leaves”

Yuri Juárez & The Afro-Peruvian NYC Band perform Mambo Influenciado

Luba Mason performing Cole Porter’s “Love For Sale’


Season information:

Concert Dates:

  • February 28: Season Opening Fundraiser at the cell
  • March 30: Niamh Hyland/Ireland
  • April 20: Miho Hazama/Japan and JP Jofree/Argentina
  • May 18: Harriet Stubbs/England
  • July 20: Yuri Juarez/Peru and his AfroPeruvian Band
  • August 23: Annette Homann/Germany, Alexander Wu/China, Niamh Hyland/Ireland and Shu Nakamura/Japan
  • December 8: Luba Mason/First generation Slovakian


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